This is what I got in my 92+ moments icon pack

11 000 Показвания 279 хил.

This is what I got in my 92+ moments icon pack




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  1. Yarak Mansarak
    Yarak Mansarak
    преди 21 ден

    Got rui costa😞

  2. Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy
    преди 27 дни

    Bruh I got Shearer in my 92* moments pack for 7 tokens. Man is literally 92 rated and struggling to sell for 170k

  3. Edward B
    Edward B
    преди 27 дни

    I got moments kaka

  4. Marcela Almazan
    Marcela Almazan
    преди 28 дни

    Moments pele is not a cam

  5. BH Reload
    BH Reload
    преди 29 дни

    I got eusebio in the 91+🥴

  6. Daily GFU
    Daily GFU
    преди 29 дни

    Phahahahahahahaha 4-2

  7. Christopher Paredes
    Christopher Paredes
    преди месец

    I got maradona , W

  8. Simon McWhirter
    Simon McWhirter
    преди месец

    Say another word about johnny evans I’ll do your knecaps in

  9. Vicsez Yt
    Vicsez Yt
    преди месец

    is desailly a w or l in the 5 tokens pack

    1. Morgan Hicks
      Morgan Hicks
      преди месец


    2. Brad_33
      преди месец


  10. conor woods lopez
    conor woods lopez
    преди месец

    I got f*cking hierro 😭 from my guarnteed icon moments pack

  11. Nicky McCool
    Nicky McCool
    преди месец

    I'm jealous of that moments Ryan Giggs

  12. Trav TDS
    Trav TDS
    преди месец

    I had the 92+ moments pack and got R9 moments 💪🏻

  13. Sebastian Henicke
    Sebastian Henicke
    преди месец

    I got giggs 🥲

  14. stud kip
    stud kip
    преди месец

    I’m an arsenal fan so I’ll take that flamini if you don’t want it lol

  15. Andrew Reed
    Andrew Reed
    преди месец

    what are the packs he opens called

  16. Nate Laddie
    Nate Laddie
    преди месец

    Tbh id take pires over the inzaghi i got 😳😳3:00

  17. O Pai Tá On
    O Pai Tá On
    преди месец


  18. Its Mr Pickle
    Its Mr Pickle
    преди месец

    Can any1 tell me where I can buy these boxes. Open the cards

  19. Peter Davis
    Peter Davis
    преди месец

    Where can I buy some packs for those cards?

  20. Kieran RL
    Kieran RL
    преди месец

    Those cards for example the beckam one what are those cards called ?

  21. TomJS Franklin
    TomJS Franklin
    преди месец

    Castro crying over Zambo anguissa not realising he just packed the fucking goat

  22. Attila Fabian
    Attila Fabian
    преди месец

    What if he order another one and gets Beckham again :O

  23. Tru3Straya
    преди месец

    What are those card thingys?

  24. Rezki XoX
    Rezki XoX
    преди месец

    Y is there fucking fifa card like pokemon on my recommended

  25. Nathan Proctor
    Nathan Proctor
    преди месец

    Castro is the goat 2 beckhams bro ggmu

    преди месец

    Hello my brotha

  27. THE BOOS
    преди месец

    790k is basically is million. Castro

  28. Idelz
    преди месец

    In the moments icon pack 5 icon swaps I got Kaka moments is that a w?

    1. Gergő Gyalog
      Gergő Gyalog
      преди 28 дни

      @Idelz are you kidding me???

    2. Saad Sallam
      Saad Sallam
      преди месец

      yes obviously

  29. Orbit Rxggie
    Orbit Rxggie
    преди месец

    I got moments vieira in my guaranteed moments pack

  30. Franky
    преди месец

    Pele isn’t a cam moments on fifa 21

  31. سعد _saad
    سعد _saad
    преди месец

    هل في شخص عربي

    1. Saad Sallam
      Saad Sallam
      преди месец

      انا واسمي سعد

    2. Ahmed go go go
      Ahmed go go go
      преди месец


  32. Sharpness86,000
    преди месец

    Hey Castro if you’re reading this I think you should make more videos where you show more than just fifa packs

  33. At r AMWQZ
    At r AMWQZ
    преди месец


  34. Soup
    преди месец

    This is exactly why I didn’t grind for icon picks. Instead ive done the 81x25 83x25 and 84x25 Packed hella la liga tots and completed coutinho, pique, courtois sbcs

    1. Trav TDS
      Trav TDS
      преди месец

      I was going to do 2 icon packs but thought fuck it, done the 83x25 and gonna do the icon player pick, my 83x25 was bad but it was enough to complete tapsoba

  35. Raka Fatih
    Raka Fatih
    преди месец

    Man seeing these cards i remember futera

  36. Iplayfootball999
    преди месец

    I packed moments puskas out of the 5 token moments pack

  37. Dino God
    Dino God
    преди месец

    Thanks for the video

  38. més que un club
    més que un club
    преди месец

    Where you buy your cards plz

  39. jacco de jonge
    jacco de jonge
    преди месец

    i got klose .... :(

  40. diesel moore
    diesel moore
    преди месец

    I'm a Leicester city fan I'll tack that Evans card

  41. Lamby kid
    Lamby kid
    преди месец

    First time seeing Castro's bad luck

  42. Carlos Marente
    Carlos Marente
    преди месец

    I did 84+ 20 I got 95 varane

  43. Incognito
    преди месец

    I got zola W or L

  44. Marto Hdz
    Marto Hdz
    преди месец

    Yo. Where do you check all that stuff of the cards. Where can I buy them, where can I sell them, where can I see the value. Someone reply pls

    1. Alaa Abuseif
      Alaa Abuseif
      преди 24 дни


  45. Big Chonk
    Big Chonk
    преди месец

    I got Puskas from The 5 Tokens Moment Pack i think small w

    1. Brad_33
      преди месец

      Big win, since his prime is 13 swaps, u basically saved 8 token and even got the best version of puskas

  46. Hippie Bird
    Hippie Bird
    преди месец

    That moment when he packed Pires XD

  47. Leonardo Rodriguez
    Leonardo Rodriguez
    преди месец

    Where do i get those cards he be opening 😂

  48. Aaron Rodas
    Aaron Rodas
    преди месец

    Sorry but who tf be buying these cards lmao

  49. B1 Blix
    B1 Blix
    преди месец

    4-2 let’s gooooo

  50. Alexandinho Zander
    Alexandinho Zander
    преди месец

    He opened my pack and got 4 tots and 2 informs in the same pack and didn’t even put me in the vid nice

  51. Ben Johns
    Ben Johns
    преди месец

    I got riquelme feel good

  52. jakov 09
    jakov 09
    преди месец


  53. Alex Sharkey
    Alex Sharkey
    преди месец

    Love your vids

  54. Cameron Ruscoe
    Cameron Ruscoe
    преди месец

    How much are these boxes he’s opening?

    1. hundebässi pa
      hundebässi pa
      преди месец

      1k Euros

  55. Jack Cherrett
    Jack Cherrett
    преди месец

    What panini box was this

  56. Real madrid Scores
    Real madrid Scores
    преди месец

    Got larrson in the 5 tokens pack

  57. David FC
    David FC
    преди месец

    I got ballack from the moments pack, that’s a W right?

    1. taavi Aarvala
      taavi Aarvala
      преди месец


  58. ricardo romero
    ricardo romero
    преди месец

    Can someone pls tell me what kind of panini cards these are so I can buy some

  59. UG Mandem
    UG Mandem
    преди месец

    What is freeda mode

    1. UG Mandem
      UG Mandem
      преди месец

      He should put a ring on her already

    2. UG Mandem
      UG Mandem
      преди месец

      @Jelco Keppens thanks bro Thought it was Free-da mode (free + pita)

    3. Jelco Keppens
      Jelco Keppens
      преди месец

      Freedom mode = non subs can chat also in twitch

  60. Nathan Guirgis
    Nathan Guirgis
    преди месец

    "That's his weak foot" 😂

  61. Nishant Barave
    Nishant Barave
    преди месец

    The good thing is he put the pack opening at the start of the video

  62. Ghañęm غانم
    Ghañęm غانم
    преди месец

    Hey gays I think Liverpool lost 😞

  63. The Gamer Guys
    The Gamer Guys
    преди месец

    I got Pele in a 92+ pack

  64. Mija Kill9
    Mija Kill9
    преди месец

    Castro i packed a Jesús Navas tots in a 75+ rated player pack

    1. Big Chonk
      Big Chonk
      преди месец

      Lol me too what a Shame Its DUPLICATE

    2. Mija Kill9
      Mija Kill9
      преди месец

      @Teun van den Berg and I jus want to comment lol

    3. Teun van den Berg
      Teun van den Berg
      преди месец

      He doesn’t care

  65. Marius Gigea
    Marius Gigea
    преди месец

    Bro i got maldini lolll

  66. Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed
    преди месец

    Funny thing is, i got baggio from my div 7 rewards and he got it from his 92+ pack.. lol

  67. Mozza x
    Mozza x
    преди месец

    Flamini aint worth 30 bil but hes got a business that has potential to be worth 30 bil, hes a millionaire but nowhere near billionaire

  68. Jonas 099
    Jonas 099
    преди месец

    Undte Get cok Lets go Liverpool 4-2 ahahhaha

    1. Daire Rooney
      Daire Rooney
      преди месец

      6th in the prem

    2. rooney the goat
      rooney the goat
      преди месец

      3 games in 5 fucking days

  69. SKILLZ4U
    преди месец

    How do u buy them cards bro .. like the packs bro

    1. SKILLZ4U
      преди месец

      @-Imcraziesoul - the little card things he's opening at the end ?

    2. -Imcraziesoul -
      -Imcraziesoul -
      преди месец

      u have to pay ea

  70. Ivel
    преди месец


  71. PCKar
    преди месец

    Varchester Poopnited got shit on today

  72. Valentin Adam von Linstow
    Valentin Adam von Linstow
    преди месец

    what is the name of the cards he pack from panini

  73. Felix Beck
    Felix Beck
    преди месец

    Nobody gonna talk about the moment icon 93+ player pick

    1. Blunt Katana
      Blunt Katana
      преди месец

      @Felix Beck but no one can get it yet so what's the point of talking about it anymore? Everyone said their piece when it came out already

    2. Felix Beck
      Felix Beck
      преди месец

      @Blunt Katana bc its a big pack

    3. Blunt Katana
      Blunt Katana
      преди месец

      Why would they?

  74. Ayaan Kashif
    Ayaan Kashif
    преди месец

    2 David Beckhams in a week. There is no fkn wayyy

    1. Ayaan Kashif
      Ayaan Kashif
      преди 29 дни

      @skrxtch Panini Impeccables

    2. skrxtch
      преди 29 дни

      What are these cards called?

  75. Trisak Khanal
    Trisak Khanal
    преди месец

    I got tots suarez in my silver 1 rewards!

  76. Oliver Watt
    Oliver Watt
    преди месец

    I got nakata out of my 5 token

  77. Fyter
    преди месец

    I played this vd in 1.25x and castro talk like he from the hood

    1. Agustin Jaras
      Agustin Jaras
      преди месец

      😭😭😭😭 this shit was so funny

  78. M_ Rws
    M_ Rws
    преди месец

    I got Eusebio from the normal moments pack

  79. Stavros Stylianou
    Stavros Stylianou
    преди месец

    Hope you lose 0-1 from Villarreal in extra time

  80. Isaiah Francois
    Isaiah Francois
    преди месец


  81. Vv vV
    Vv vV
    преди месец


  82. Petar
    преди месец

    2-4 vamoss 😌

    1. rooney the goat
      rooney the goat
      преди месец

      3 games in 5 days

  83. Kuhan Neelamegam
    Kuhan Neelamegam
    преди месец

    salam 2-4

  84. Vincent
    преди месец

    You know it's an L when the title is not: OH MY GOD I PACKED A SICK PLAYER

  85. Zachary Wojs
    Zachary Wojs
    преди месец

    clicked faster than benzia bums batesons fiddle

  86. JLChav97
    преди месец


  87. Fernando Abade
    Fernando Abade
    преди месец

    I packed prime icon moments pele already

  88. 433
    преди месец


    1. Warren Perrine
      Warren Perrine
      преди месец

      Bro you are everywhere

    2. Jule_Mans
      преди месец

      @Boiies denk ook

    3. K1ng Aldo
      K1ng Aldo
      преди месец

      fuck you

    4. Boiies
      преди месец

      @Jule_Mans gehackt

    5. Erik van der Zanden
      Erik van der Zanden
      преди месец


  89. BfordLancermemes
    преди месец

    WEVE concerd all of Europe were never gonna stop

    1. Surya Kiran
      Surya Kiran
      преди месец


  90. Hein Van buul
    Hein Van buul
    преди месец

    I got fucking bergkamp. Went from😃 to 😡🔫

  91. GamingZebra
    преди месец

    What is the name of the packs he is opening?

    1. Ali Nazari
      Ali Nazari
      преди месец

      @Kane Loper what? Jk ik what it is

    2. Kane Loper
      Kane Loper
      преди месец


    3. Ali Nazari
      Ali Nazari
      преди месец

      Which one? Do a time stamp

  92. Mohammed Magdy
    Mohammed Magdy
    преди месец

    Liverpool 🤡

  93. Leslie Pogliacomi
    Leslie Pogliacomi
    преди месец


  94. Petriceps
    преди месец

    your videos boost my vibe

  95. Tom Ato
    Tom Ato
    преди месец

    Less go

  96. SuriBG
    преди месец

    Very good video I watched it

    1. Thijmen lub
      Thijmen lub
      преди месец

      20 min vid and it popped op 8 min ago and you are saying good vid

  97. Truls Skytterholm
    Truls Skytterholm
    преди месец

    First dislike

  98. los hermanos tasticos
    los hermanos tasticos
    преди месец


  99. Muhammad Aiman Ab Jalal
    Muhammad Aiman Ab Jalal
    преди месец


  100. Jack Foster
    Jack Foster
    преди месец

    Sick vids