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  1. RedRome9
    преди месец

    ima big fan lol

  2. joshua carlin
    joshua carlin
    преди месец

    Ba who ?

  3. BroBuzz0277 Kebab
    BroBuzz0277 Kebab
    преди месец

    Should I play Ben yedder at Cam and Bruno at CDM and Sub in a player to replace IF Renato Sanchez to play on the wing. Or should I play Bruno at Cam and Renato Sanchez at CDM and sub in a player to replace Ben yedder to play on the wing?

  4. Josue Godoy
    Josue Godoy
    преди месец

    I got TOTS Son and Kane from Gold 3 😂

  5. A 1
    A 1
    преди месец

    What are those packs that he’s opening with a bunch of tots?

  6. bigbiss96
    преди месец

    I LAUGHED SO HARD AT 9:11 (that sounded extremely wrong)

    преди месец

    When Castro is sus 9:10

  8. Herman The Dragon
    Herman The Dragon
    преди месец

    1 have a girlfriend but not a mom

  9. Eugene Meyler
    Eugene Meyler
    преди месец


  10. michael bonilla
    michael bonilla
    преди месец

    i had thought my sound was off a sec i thought when he got rashford because he usually yell

  11. Brad Mihai
    Brad Mihai
    преди месец

    FUT players are the worst of humans

  12. football.suhaib_edits TT
    football.suhaib_edits TT
    преди месец

    My guy needs to have a sound proof room ngl

  13. Mado Tolba
    Mado Tolba
    преди месец

    Believe me man if i dont have a girlfriend ur a lucky meat u got one idk how with this face i mean u kiss ur mom with that mouth 😂

  14. Jordan Brindley
    Jordan Brindley
    преди месец

    We ain't got girlfriends? Yours is only with you for the dolla dolla so shut it, Before you say "she was with him before the money" She stayed to see if he'd make any. Now she's stuck with him because he rich. Gg

  15. Dino God
    Dino God
    преди месец

    Thanks for your video

  16. jim axiotas
    jim axiotas
    преди месец


  17. La Punisher
    La Punisher
    преди месец

    Hmmmm.Fifa 21 vid that was posted 21 hours ago

  18. נבו קדם
    נבו קדם
    преди месец

    Lads what do u think about reasford being 93 and last year 95

    1. נבו קדם
      נבו קדם
      преди месец

      I think he was 95 last year correct me

  19. Mr. G6
    Mr. G6
    преди месец

    Dude was on gummy bears for sure

  20. césar silva
    césar silva
    преди месец

    I packed 10 PL TOTS but just got 1 attacker (Vardy) ahahah

  21. Chaboo Hammitt
    Chaboo Hammitt
    преди месец

    Calling Real Madrid a retirement home? Man U had a good time in the Champions league😐

  22. Skr1ptz
    преди месец

    Was that Bruno Fernandez on the clown intro?

  23. Charlie Straker
    Charlie Straker
    преди месец

    Full kit guanca

  24. LarryyLobsterr
    преди месец

    Saw it live!! Dallas Texas represent!!!!

  25. Monidipto Mukherjee
    Monidipto Mukherjee
    преди месец

    Man, Castro's voice is so hoarse and he shouts so much, that his overnight livestream voice does not match him.😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Alexlilsavage 69
    Alexlilsavage 69
    преди месец

    I got gomis and Ruben Dias in player picks gold 3 W or L

  27. Jack Perrini
    Jack Perrini
    преди месец

    Castro was on different energy today

  28. Victory Okany
    Victory Okany
    преди месец

    I must’ve watched 10 elite red rewards, 0 players over 1m, me and my friend got gold 1 and both got salah, my friend that gold gold 3 got rashford and fofana lol, this games not fair

  29. Darragh Brown
    Darragh Brown
    преди месец

    Castro roasted me with the no girlfriend 🙃

  30. Mr. Pooba
    Mr. Pooba
    преди месец

    4 fkn times in a row in the same slot 😂

  31. Mr lurchalot
    Mr lurchalot
    преди месец

    Castro doing late streams are so much nicer

  32. Micah Whittlestone
    Micah Whittlestone
    преди месец

    I packed tots Bruno and tots Kane today 🙂

  33. Zach Simpson
    Zach Simpson
    преди месец

    The guy at 14:20 got the worst ultimate tots pack possible and it was still over 4 mil

  34. Johannes Okstad
    Johannes Okstad
    преди месец

    Im awake cause i live in Hammerfest norway

  35. Gabriel Matos
    Gabriel Matos
    преди месец

    You are sus man very sus

  36. Wout Versonnen
    Wout Versonnen
    преди месец

    He said you dont have a girlfriend, well yeah i died on the inside

  37. brojie jabbi
    brojie jabbi
    преди месец

    Another one Ederson

  38. RP7 _
    RP7 _
    преди месец

    I saw Castro intro and thought he looks like a clown in that Man U kit then realised he had a clown mask on 🤣

  39. ARY Official
    ARY Official
    преди месец

    Castro trying to be quiet is the funniest shit

    1. adi mudgal
      adi mudgal
      преди месец


  40. ethan_sweets21
    преди месец

    “Why is everyone awake” there’s other country’s in the world bud

  41. Elon Cohen
    Elon Cohen
    преди месец


  42. Ethan Shrapnel
    Ethan Shrapnel
    преди месец

    The people fake outraged about Eden should be actually outraged with themselves for expecting anything else. He's probably chilling at home, laughing his ass off.

  43. DuttSoccer 14
    DuttSoccer 14
    преди месец

    I’m a Liverpool fan but your brilliant!

  44. hj legends
    hj legends
    преди месец

    14.24 exact same pack only difference is that de bruynes in the pack not bruno

  45. Sid the Sloth
    Sid the Sloth
    преди месец

    The definition of : Give an ugly guy a chance and he thinks he a pimp

  46. Jxe Lads
    Jxe Lads
    преди месец

    How does he get gassed over shaw and say wtf is this to hu dogma and mount

  47. Роман Шуль
    Роман Шуль
    преди месец

    9:10 wattttt? 😑😂

  48. Viggo Thuresson
    Viggo Thuresson
    преди месец


  49. Stavros Stylianou
    Stavros Stylianou
    преди месец


    преди месец

    9:10 hi, Edwin, how are you so lucky in fifa?

  51. Aaron Jervis
    Aaron Jervis
    преди месец

    Why does Castro sound like the lightning McQueen voice actor slightly

  52. Matthew Novakowski
    Matthew Novakowski
    преди месец

    This stream was so good

  53. Ingy909
    преди месец

    Die ene kale die stroop snuift als fucking ontbijt: zwaar underrated

  54. Dylan Mccargow
    Dylan Mccargow
    преди месец

    Hazards pov, :Lampard, you willing to sign me?

  55. Sweaty Bum
    Sweaty Bum
    преди месец


  56. Levi Mcmillan
    Levi Mcmillan
    преди месец

    How do you get that many prem tots?

  57. jrangel64
    преди месец

    “Ederson what is this sh*t”...Meanwhile Im here with only gundogan and soucek reds to show for all PL tots, foh.

  58. S1m0nRotterdam
    преди месец

    silver1 and got salah🥲

  59. TheRadBrad Ok
    TheRadBrad Ok
    преди месец

    I got mason mount tots W or L?

    1. Janney Swarna
      Janney Swarna
      преди месец

      From a guy who got ederson it's a W

  60. Ben O'BRIEN
    Ben O'BRIEN
    преди месец

    He really out here roasting the singles , who's doing WL ? 😂

  61. Slothlmao
    преди месец

    Couldn’t watch the full stream but good thing he post the opening

  62. Epszo
    преди месец

    Castro isn’t the same being quiet lol

    преди месец

    I’ve just seen a zebra with a headset open fifa packs midnight trying not to scream because his parents are sleeping downstairs. Life’s crazy sometimes😂

    1. Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams
      преди месец

      Fr tho what is that kit

  64. Homero Rocha
    Homero Rocha
    преди месец

    Last nights stream was funny as hell

  65. Ahmed Al jahwari
    Ahmed Al jahwari
    преди месец


  66. الدوسري 502
    الدوسري 502
    преди месец

    فيه عربين ولا انا بس😂😂💔.

  67. Harry Gill
    Harry Gill
    преди месец

    I just sold mason mount tots for 100k by accident😢

    1. Harry Gill
      Harry Gill
      преди месец

      About an hour ago

    2. SeLoRyZaAd
      преди месец


  68. Σταυρούλα Κατσαρού
    Σταυρούλα Κατσαρού
    преди месец

    an asmr video!!!😆👌😆😆😂

  69. timdj
    преди месец

    Why are we awake😂 in the Netherlands it is morning🤣

  70. Drew Robertson
    Drew Robertson
    преди месец

    I got Gold 2 18 wins and got 2 Saudi players 😭

  71. بو حميد
    بو حميد
    преди месец

    I saw the notification today but i has school i with i joined the stream

  72. E
    преди месец

    Castro says 3 am is late while I’m over here not sleeping before 5 am for two months straight 😅

  73. Fabiano Padilha
    Fabiano Padilha
    преди месец

    14:06 this guy got literally the worst pack you can get

  74. WAVE000014
    преди месец

    There is nothing wrong with Hazard enjoying a time with his old teammates. He isn’t celebrating because he got eliminated u FAT. U Scared of marrying Pitta too.

  75. WAVE000014
    преди месец

    💍 Pitta u COWARD

  76. Thomas Gofar
    Thomas Gofar
    преди месец

    did anyways else watch the stream?? in french rn lmaoooo

  77. Dequavis Pump
    Dequavis Pump
    преди месец

    I got salah in an 80 plus prem pack

  78. Janco Du Preez
    Janco Du Preez
    преди месец

    4 in the morning bois

  79. Harry Corman
    Harry Corman
    преди месец

    Australia represent 🇦🇺 watching Castro at 1am is op 🥰

  80. Martin
    преди месец

    9:09 when you play fifa for years

    1. Sam Oliveira
      Sam Oliveira
      преди месец

      Bro when he choked on the mic it was so funny

    2. Роман Шуль
      Роман Шуль
      преди месец

      😂😂😂oh yea its true

  81. Thomas Mulder
    Thomas Mulder
    преди месец

    We live in europa

  82. xAstro47
    преди месец

    Take that United shirt off mate, fuck the Glazers

  83. Aldo Castro
    Aldo Castro
    преди месец

    I opened my rewards. I did ONE player pick and I get TOTS bruno😂 good way to make up the dup gundogan I got from the guarantee 😑

  84. cameron gutierrez
    cameron gutierrez
    преди месец

    I had the option of fofana or mount in my silver 1 rewards. What would y’all have gone for? I went for fofana because I needed a center back more than a mid since I already had tots ndombele and prime del piero.

    1. Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      преди месец

      @cameron gutierrez yeah, he's insane

    2. cameron gutierrez
      cameron gutierrez
      преди месец

      @Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7 fr? I just didn’t feel I’d use his card.

    3. Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      преди месец

      Mount😭 His card is cracked

  85. Dylz
    преди месец

    I'm awake cause I live in south africa 🇿🇦

    1. Tristan Adonis
      Tristan Adonis
      преди месец

      Awe hozzit my g🤙

    2. Pubg gamer
      Pubg gamer
      преди месец


    3. C9A Spamm
      C9A Spamm
      преди месец

      Aweeeeeeee howzit

    4. 🇮🇪BC🇮🇪
      преди месец

      Ireland 😍😍

    5. Adam Otto
      Adam Otto
      преди месец

      @Ohentse Tsotetsi me too bro🤙

  86. Johann-Matthew
    преди месец

    I was awake for the stream, but I had to go training for 4 EST, thanks for the inspiration bro🙌🏾

  87. DM
    преди месец

    Ederson walks out so often, I'm sure everyone has em.

  88. King FliX
    King FliX
    преди месец

    Imagine bruno,son and Rushford in a pack

  89. Agastya Raichand
    Agastya Raichand
    преди месец

    Mate I wanted money mase so bad and this dude saying he's fodder 😅😭😭😭

  90. Matt Ottley
    Matt Ottley
    преди месец

    Bro you’re talking about us not having girlfriends when you ain’t got the balls to propose to yours after over a decade😌

    1. ImDarkay
      преди месец

      The moment he gives the ring he loses the balls honestly

    2. M S
      M S
      преди месец

      @Jake Cody 😂😂😂

    3. Emmy Ukoha
      Emmy Ukoha
      преди месец


    4. Jake Cody
      Jake Cody
      преди месец

      Why u pressed

  91. Jdm prototype
    Jdm prototype
    преди месец

    I get gold 3 in wl and I got Son and Ruben Dias in my player picks 😍

  92. highgrade
    преди месец

    9:11 That inward bass tho😂🔥

    1. Deniz Shefki
      Deniz Shefki
      преди месец

      what did i just watch

  93. Mats Schenck
    Mats Schenck
    преди месец

    Doesn't he know something good is coming with the music al the time

  94. Robin GD
    Robin GD
    преди месец

    In belgium is it now 17h

  95. Marwan 03
    Marwan 03
    преди месец

    my guy picks soucek over banega LMAO XD

  96. Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies
    преди месец

    This stream was the best

  97. Jesper Baan
    Jesper Baan
    преди месец


    1. Jesper Baan
      Jesper Baan
      преди месец

      @Ethan Mckinney I didn’t😂😂

    2. Mawang Yeageh
      Mawang Yeageh
      преди месец

      @Ethan Mckinney stfu

    3. Samuel Tilly
      Samuel Tilly
      преди месец

      @Ethan Mckinney why do you care?

    4. Ethan Mckinney
      Ethan Mckinney
      преди месец

      Why did you like your own comment

  98. Dennis van Beek
    Dennis van Beek
    преди месец

    Thanks for opening, they were amazing, Rashford is insane btw =)

  99. Bruno Fernandes
    Bruno Fernandes
    преди месец

    wtf was your mines today xDDDD

  100. Mohammed Magdy
    Mohammed Magdy
    преди месец

    Man you are so toxic