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  1. BroBuzz0277 Kebab
    BroBuzz0277 Kebab
    преди месец

    Should I play Ben yedder at Cam and Bruno at CDM and Sub in a player to replace IF Renato Sanchez to play on the wing. Or should I play Bruno at Cam and Renato Sanchez at CDM and sub in a player to replace Ben yedder to play on the wing?

  2. Charles Bough
    Charles Bough
    преди месец

    What happened to time stamps

  3. Mohammed Alqahtani
    Mohammed Alqahtani
    преди месец

    I got vardy

  4. ZionJosiah10 20
    ZionJosiah10 20
    преди месец

    Castro had a fatstroke

  5. Meine Ehre heißt Treue
    Meine Ehre heißt Treue
    преди месец

    youre so irritating its actually unreal stop screaming

  6. Lewis Jono
    Lewis Jono
    преди месец

    i opened 4 and got ederson, dias and mount 😂

  7. Petter Elias
    Petter Elias
    преди месец

    Iknow castro will be mad now, but i packed tots rashford in the free sbc 50 k pack... and then open 1 80+ rare prem player and get tots ederson

  8. lucasz_09
    преди месец

    i’m that guy

  9. Samu GG
    Samu GG
    преди месец

    I got TOTS De Bruyne from the PL Premium Players Pack lol

  10. Diego Vasquez
    Diego Vasquez
    преди месец

    No wonder I don’t get shit in packs 😐

  11. Dom Kre
    Dom Kre
    преди месец

    TOTS Kane in PP-Packs 🤯🤩

  12. Christopher Nicklas
    Christopher Nicklas
    преди месец

    This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen from you

  13. Christopher Nicklas
    Christopher Nicklas
    преди месец


  14. Dino God
    Dino God
    преди месец

    Thanks for the video

  15. Predux Production
    Predux Production
    преди месец

    Guys just an FYI he packed rashford yesterday I watched the stream

  16. Ricky Contreras
    Ricky Contreras
    преди месец

    I packed kdb on the 80+ PL

  17. Alexander Ullenius
    Alexander Ullenius
    преди месец

    Lol the 80+ are the best have gotten salah cancelo dias ederson gundogan soucek

  18. Leo Armitage
    Leo Armitage
    преди месец

    My brother got salah soucek and ederson in the 80 plus pack in one day

  19. kiki pastar
    kiki pastar
    преди месец

    I got from thoes vack to back ruben dias and luke shaw

  20. Yeazily
    преди месец


    1. Fiete Hotop
      Fiete Hotop
      преди месец

      Gg bruh

    2. Yeazily
      преди месец

      And mount too but thats not as cool huh

  21. DTC123
    преди месец

    That Werner praise got an instant like from me

  22. Julio Melendez
    Julio Melendez
    преди месец

    The icon was prime moments puyol with a 85 rated LB called elder from hull city. No problem in advance

  23. Giulian Scorsolini
    Giulian Scorsolini
    преди месец

    Timo’s positioning is really bad. Last game against real he was walking on the dumbest spots

  24. Silas Lorentzen
    Silas Lorentzen
    преди месец

    I Got Ruben Dias tots in the Premier league (80+) pack

  25. TikiIV
    преди месец

    Yesterday’s stream was such a vibe

  26. Sj
    преди месец

    Bro ricardo santos is mad 6’5” cb, 99 strength and 99 agility

  27. logan
    преди месец

    May the 4th be with u

  28. Axel Chavarria
    Axel Chavarria
    преди месец

    Castrooo I wanna see you open packkkkss you talk a lol too much man :/ but I live your content still 🤌✨

  29. lucxs
    преди месец

    The guys overhead was better than whatever u could do tbf

  30. Mehdigaming 17
    Mehdigaming 17
    преди месец

    80+ are soooo trash. Pl premium are far better

  31. Leo Bekos
    Leo Bekos
    преди месец

    New title: Castro saying sheesh for 15 minutes

  32. أســـد ASD
    أســـد ASD
    преди месец


  33. ramez almashni
    ramez almashni
    преди месец

    I did only one 80+ pack and got a tots

  34. Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo
    преди месец

    I got Bruno in a 84+ player pick

  35. Max Whitehead
    Max Whitehead
    преди месец

    Rashford pls, BRUNO BRUNO. Silence.......

  36. Bernie Udeogu
    Bernie Udeogu
    преди месец

    Is it me or does Castro pack an icon every pack opening

  37. Harley Camburn
    Harley Camburn
    преди месец

    man said icons and its a PL upgrade lul

  38. Saulius Mangrūda
    Saulius Mangrūda
    преди месец

    Thank you castro. You inspired me to open +80 pl pack and from my first pack i got tots son

  39. Jarne De Vlieger
    Jarne De Vlieger
    преди месец

    Castro diss Nick28T

  40. Dale Fleming
    Dale Fleming
    преди месец

    Yo castro wouldn't you do team takedown with capguntom? Or squad builder showdown with AJ3? I think youd be fantastic at both of them and your so funny the banter would be a great watch 👌

  41. Joe Hutchings
    Joe Hutchings
    преди месец

    Bro why are tots rashford and Bruno not in this video, you’ve already packed them last night

  42. Steerzy 77
    Steerzy 77
    преди месец

    The United lineup killed me😂

    1. Freddie Pittaway
      Freddie Pittaway
      преди месец

      Same 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Efe Balcilar
    Efe Balcilar
    преди месец

    EA accounts...

  44. Saansh Shetty
    Saansh Shetty
    преди месец

    Castro discarded 94 Ederson wtf

  45. Shot on Iphone Meme
    Shot on Iphone Meme
    преди месец

    let’s be honest the people that only watch his youtube we never know what he’s talking about

    1. Fifa_monster16
      преди месец

      His stream with dawood was godly

    2. C M
      C M
      преди месец

      Yea trus

    3. Goksi 0069
      Goksi 0069
      преди месец


    4. Lewis09
      преди месец

      Yh his streams are just better

  46. Brody
    преди месец

    bro can i just pls have 1 of your 50 gundogan tots😂

  47. WAVE000014
    преди месец

    💍 Pitta u coward!

    1. anonymous gamer
      anonymous gamer
      преди месец

      Castro come see this now

  48. fifastuff
    преди месец

    Got tots cancelo in 84+ player pick

  49. grausit 21
    grausit 21
    преди месец

    Lovin Castro's hairstyle

  50. Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith
    преди месец

    I’ve opened 40 of those packs and didn’t get one blue

  51. MeGa-GaMeZ
    преди месец

    i liked immediately after that "HABIBIS" habibi castro😂❤️

  52. SKILLZ4U
    преди месец

    Castro: if an alien spawned in your room right now ... Me high AF: WTF WHERE 😨🧐

  53. AdaroS
    преди месец

    הוא אמר חביבי

    1. Yehonatan Cohen
      Yehonatan Cohen
      преди месец

      זה בערבית

  54. PR03LIT3
    преди месец

    Bro he’s fast as fuck! 😂😂😂😂 that run! 🏃‍♂️

  55. George Ward
    George Ward
    преди месец

    if he was a protestor he would block up the entrance

  56. Jonty Wentworth
    Jonty Wentworth
    преди месец

    Lads I got tots shaw or tots ederson or tots dias in the 84+ pp haha and I took ederson I'm dumb asf I already had shaw doe

  57. Jason Storey
    Jason Storey
    преди месец

    I done 50 BPL pack upgrades, and 63 player picks, and got 4 EFL tots and that’s it

  58. Jacob
    преди месец

    Die kale met 1 teelbal: underrated

    1. Moiqueenツ
      преди месец


    2. Rick Boelee
      Rick Boelee
      преди месец


    3. Jacob
      преди месец

      Dankjullie wel voor het eens zijn

    4. Boysenright
      преди месец


    5. Hutskaas
      преди месец


  59. Ollie D
    Ollie D
    преди месец

    COYI ⚒

  60. lekker voorje
    lekker voorje
    преди месец

    I got bruno but i´m a citty fan

  61. Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison
    преди месец

    I done 2 packs and got tots mount an eddison

  62. rOLisAn
    преди месец

    castro cute

  63. Thomas O brien
    Thomas O brien
    преди месец


  64. Xoc_RemixX2 YT
    Xoc_RemixX2 YT
    преди месец

    Icon icon icon icon 😂

  65. Sooty
    преди месец

    Just back from school and see this beauty.

    1. Sam Singh
      Sam Singh
      преди месец

      @lol rip neek

    2. Tio Suksawat
      Tio Suksawat
      преди месец

      @lol rip neek

    3. Sooty
      преди месец

      @lol rip Damn you done alot with that mate congrats👏

    4. lol rip
      lol rip
      преди месец


  66. Josh Dixon
    Josh Dixon
    преди месец

    i got ruben dias and auba out of the premium ones

  67. Adam
    преди месец

    Mullet Castro will never be topped

  68. Klizt
    преди месец


  69. _ carti
    _ carti
    преди месец

    Yesterday’s stream was the best stream ever!! With the weekend and drake🤪 also rashy and Bruno 😎

    1. Matthew Galea Soler
      Matthew Galea Soler
      преди месец

      @BATMAN yes

    2. BATMAN
      преди месец

      I wasn't there did he stream with the weekend and drake?!😳

    3. Lewis Ward
      Lewis Ward
      преди месец

      The weeknd bro 👍

  70. DaErikDJK
    преди месец

    As he whould say: LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO

  71. DSD Ghosty
    DSD Ghosty
    преди месец

    I got gundogan on a 80+ premier league pack i screamed so hard

    1. Eric Babiak
      Eric Babiak
      преди месец

      I literally got him in an 84+pp as i was reading this, i love u so much for the good luck lmao

    2. Billy carroll
      Billy carroll
      преди месец

      Screamed without the s?

  72. 59 Mans
    59 Mans
    преди месец


  73. Akbar Habib
    Akbar Habib
    преди месец

    Hiiii dude

  74. Tristen McCall
    Tristen McCall
    преди месец

    He packed two icons on one pack Castro u missed Harry Maguire sheeeeeshhhhhh

  75. Zaair Abbas
    Zaair Abbas
    преди месец

    castro i think u should make a clips channel

  76. Nitish Noel
    Nitish Noel
    преди месец


  77. דוד חזן
    דוד חזן
    преди месец

    Gun - du - gun

    1. max white
      max white
      преди месец

      Shalom David

  78. Teletubix _XD
    Teletubix _XD
    преди месец

    youtubers is big drop

  79. Abo Alziz
    Abo Alziz
    преди месец


  80. Pigboy _
    Pigboy _
    преди месец

    Castro with the mullet is legendary

  81. Michał Marciniec
    Michał Marciniec
    преди месец

    czy ktoś go rozumie?

  82. zmiana
    преди месец

    You skipped Helik.... Im sad

  83. Matthew Presta
    Matthew Presta
    преди месец

    Who else is watching this during school?

  84. yinon moyal 2006
    yinon moyal 2006
    преди месец


    1. Yehonatan Cohen
      Yehonatan Cohen
      преди месец


  85. OnebossCZ
    преди месец


  86. Jons playz
    Jons playz
    преди месец

    Castro needs 8 packs to get a tots Me opening 50+ packs without a tots

    1. Swagadon
      преди месец

      Saw op kpop

  87. emartinez
    преди месец

    castro is overrated no cap

    1. FroyDoy G
      FroyDoy G
      преди месец

      He spends half the vid waffling about his twitch chat it’s a joke

  88. Lionel
    преди месец

    Mount is the best midfielder in the world

  89. Milan Wehming
    Milan Wehming
    преди месец

    Whoooooo he screams

  90. Mukesh Tripathi
    Mukesh Tripathi
    преди месец

    I got Harry kane Tots from 80+ pl upgrade 😀

  91. Stan Van de Wouwer
    Stan Van de Wouwer
    преди месец

    bro, stfu

  92. Alexandre - Brawl Stars
    Alexandre - Brawl Stars
    преди месец

    How many subscribers can I get from this comment I currently have 191 subscribers

  93. Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn
    преди месец

    Bruh wth I was wearing the same hoodie before watching this vid lol

  94. Austin Achebe
    Austin Achebe
    преди месец

    Fifa is getting so boring

  95. Jan.ole1896
    преди месец

    Jemand aus Deutschland?

  96. Hassan Eldadoun
    Hassan Eldadoun
    преди месец

    Didn't know my fingers could click so fast

  97. EL1XN
    преди месец

    I love you castrooooo

  98. Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum
    преди месец

    We are going on a summer holiday

    1. Konthaarbarbaar
      преди месец

      No more working for a week or 2

    2. Coen Slootweg
      Coen Slootweg
      преди месец

      fun and laughter on a summer holiday

    3. sebas
      преди месец

      For a week or two

  99. Trials
    преди месец

    "Shit on my chest"??? TrueGeordie???

  100. Moritz Boll
    Moritz Boll
    преди месец

    Hey castro if you read this can you dm me on insta it would be so cool @sgtmoritz insta