MOMENTS ICON & Messi in the same pack! The rarest pack ever! FIFA 21

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MOMENTS ICON \u0026 Messi in the same pack! The rarest pack ever! FIFA 21




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  1. James Cordwell
    James Cordwell
    преди месец

    Who sings that Marroon 5 cover memories you play on stream

  2. O A
    O A
    преди месец

    we dont care if you put r9 in SBC or not

  3. Grind Playz
    Grind Playz
    преди месец

    he still done it and has 33k likes lol

  4. Someone
    преди месец

    Sometimes i forgot EA is behind castro’s packs...

  5. Blake De Giorgio
    Blake De Giorgio
    преди месец

    I open an ultimate pack and get visca and Paulinho :(

  6. kylecatwell
    преди месец

    hit 40k lol

  7. Chris Jongerius
    Chris Jongerius
    преди месец

    Die kale foetus met een lekkere zus, 1 teelbal en die geweldig kan zingen: zwaar underrated

  8. BOT ToT
    BOT ToT
    преди месец

    Boggles my mind that messi quick sells for less the 1k but Informs quick sell for 9 or 10k

  9. elcaxo11
    преди месец

    Are you mexican?

  10. wxgner
    преди месец

    my guys thinks he’s good while scoring wit momments r9

  11. Ananth Ramakrishna
    Ananth Ramakrishna
    преди месец

    Dude did you not notice Zlatan?

  12. Skiipty
    преди месец

    when is he gonna learn that not that many people give a shit what he puts into SBCs? youve probably spent like 100k on fifa

  13. Finn Wheatley
    Finn Wheatley
    преди месец

    Uppa Celtic

  14. tommy cheung
    tommy cheung
    преди месец

    messi is like 100k right now bro....

    1. FrEd EbEf
      FrEd EbEf
      преди месец

      but its messi

  15. Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison
    преди месец

    This is my last video i watch before my first proper exam

  16. Jelco2006
    преди месец

    Someone did. the barca in the Chat before messi Pops up

  17. Jesper Rask
    Jesper Rask
    преди месец

    For f***k sake like

  18. xXGamerProXx307
    преди месец

    I packed 92 wan bissaka in a 80+ player pick 😅

  19. Dino God
    Dino God
    преди месец

    Thanks for the video

  20. Havic 707
    Havic 707
    преди месец

    Put more gameplay in vid, I really like seeing u play

  21. Lukas Etter
    Lukas Etter
    преди месец

    Get a haircut

  22. Owen Coweison
    Owen Coweison
    преди месец

    Moments icon Messi 2 informs 1 rare champions League And ibrahimovic INSANE PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sam Rowland
    Sam Rowland
    преди месец

    Castro is so fkn cringe now nobody cares who you submit in an SBC WHEN YOU HAVE 30 MILLION COINS BRO

  24. Daniel Pols
    Daniel Pols
    преди месец

    Die Lange kale gast: underrated

  25. Xlr Gamer
    Xlr Gamer
    преди месец

    Petition for castro to post more gameplay on this channel

  26. Ben Stringer
    Ben Stringer
    преди месец

    Legit I’ve had 1 tots and it was wan bissaka wtaf

  27. Arthur Chagas
    Arthur Chagas
    преди месец

    4 icons in one pack, hiero, messi, ibra and buffon

  28. WAVE000014
    преди месец

    Messi is fodder

  29. Edward Frazer
    Edward Frazer
    преди месец

    Wtf are these comments

  30. Tony Milo
    Tony Milo
    преди месец

    I got Nkunku in my 83 x 10 pack

  31. Kobi
    преди месец

    The danglers have been mad recently. I got TOTS Clarke Harris, and the danglers were TOTS Krul, cheeky little keylor navas and Ronaldo

  32. Marcos Souza
    Marcos Souza
    преди месец

    not taking merit but spending 8 thousand dollars a month on fifa points until i can

  33. SickNtwisted 351
    SickNtwisted 351
    преди месец

    You always pack good stuff was new

  34. Mohammad Masri
    Mohammad Masri
    преди месец

    20k left

  35. Tom Cazemier
    Tom Cazemier
    преди месец

    Die kale van de bankzitters, underrated

  36. ItzMark
    преди месец

    Good vid

  37. Lovro Šegota
    Lovro Šegota
    преди месец

    Yet again a lion is next to the goat

  38. Stan Evans
    Stan Evans
    преди месец

    moments and the 🐐

    1. Stan Evans
      Stan Evans
      преди месец


  39. Morela Tubers
    Morela Tubers
    преди месец

    Si alguno me presta el fifa le puedo pasar monedas.. mi ID moretoloza..

  40. Bjørn Bjerre
    Bjørn Bjerre
    преди месец

    You du know you have packed r9 right?

  41. Ryan Bollhauer
    Ryan Bollhauer
    преди месец

    I got muller as my best player out of my 83x 10 pack

  42. Daniel Antunes
    Daniel Antunes
    преди месец

    Bro i pulled a tots from a bronze pack

  43. football.suhaib_edits TT
    football.suhaib_edits TT
    преди месец

    He was gonna do it anyway (11 tots in a sbc) @castro1021 EXPOSED 😂🤣🤣

  44. Mirko F20
    Mirko F20
    преди месец

    Everyone: omg I packed Messi Me : nice have fun with your 110k if you sell him 😂

  45. Deanus
    преди месец

    ‘i will put 11 tots into an sbc’ buys the cheapest ones

  46. Electric Mead
    Electric Mead
    преди месец

    How do people still play this horrendous game

  47. Erxa
    преди месец

    Oh wow a pack worth 450k very rare

  48. Hightackle 123
    Hightackle 123
    преди месец

    I love how he looks to see if he’s recording every tile he’s packs something good 😂

  49. Levi_YTT
    преди месец

    Alleen maar bankzitters kijkers hiero

  50. Irfan Syahmi
    Irfan Syahmi
    преди месец

    so happy there's some proper editing, but the chat needs to be there only when there's a reaction instead of always being on screen it's too busy

  51. The mighty badger
    The mighty badger
    преди месец

    1st it was R9 in a SBC, then 11 TOTS. WHO CARES!?! He will use bad TOTS cards anyway

  52. Ali Alwaeli
    Ali Alwaeli
    преди месец

    I was on live when this happened

  53. Dikke Miet
    Dikke Miet
    преди месец

    Die gast met die stroop: underrated

  54. Malvado Chikalon
    Malvado Chikalon
    преди месец

    I know somethin you said after that opening sbc statement 😏😏😏

  55. Triggerfishy
    преди месец

    Die foetus met 1 bal en stroop met bananen eet: underrated

    1. Chief Keef
      Chief Keef
      преди месец


    2. werner koelewijn
      werner koelewijn
      преди месец

      Zelfs hier

    3. lenz de regt
      lenz de regt
      преди месец

      De bankzitters comment die je zocht

    4. game duo nl
      game duo nl
      преди месец


    5. Rijk de Wildt
      Rijk de Wildt
      преди месец

      @Idri_afg06 Dutch

  56. luca
    преди месец

    sbc meal deal that is

  57. Sorin Pavel
    Sorin Pavel
    преди месец

    3 icons 2 informs in 1 pack

    1. Thiago Sterren
      Thiago Sterren
      преди месец

      4** Buffon too

  58. S Patel
    S Patel
    преди месец

    *sees blue, screams Wan Bassaka*

  59. Ahmed Al jahwari
    Ahmed Al jahwari
    преди месец

    The King

  60. never uploading
    never uploading
    преди месец

    I love castro but he reacted to the pack b4 it even popped up

  61. Darragh Larkin
    Darragh Larkin
    преди месец

    If manny opened that pack he would bring out the belt then he realises it Ibrahimovic and rakatic

  62. Samuel Varis
    Samuel Varis
    преди месец

    I was in live

    преди месец

    Messi is just fodder

  64. Joshua Sman
    Joshua Sman
    преди месец

    The bald guy who has just one testicle and who eats syrup on his banana; underrated

    1. sulaaiman alshabibi
      sulaaiman alshabibi
      преди месец

      I am feeling very sorry for the late response but I have been working on the project

    2. Noud Schoenmakers
      Noud Schoenmakers
      преди месец


    3. Brug 77
      Brug 77
      преди месец


  65. Oskar Schramm
    Oskar Schramm
    преди месец

    Messi good sbc fodder

  66. TheIrishGamer 87
    TheIrishGamer 87
    преди месец

    Megnuts ! Megnuts !! Lol 🤣

  67. 𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒅
    преди месец

    وينكم يا عرب 😂😂

  68. Luiz gaimeplays
    Luiz gaimeplays
    преди месец

    sometimes i forget i am in the BGglobal then i double click the screen to see the chat and i skip 5 secs 👌🏻

  69. Eoin Lyons
    Eoin Lyons
    преди месец

    Manny would have hated that pack

  70. mootje aboutaleb
    mootje aboutaleb
    преди месец

    wrm zie ik alleen nederlandse comments

  71. fluids
    преди месец

    Castro: rarest pack ever! Guy who packed a prime icon out of a silver pack: lmao hold my beer

  72. Giorgio's honest comments
    Giorgio's honest comments
    преди месец

    Sometimes i feel castro treat us, youtube gang, like we aren't part of his stream. We might not have the time to see the whole stream live, but we stand w u ma men

    преди месец

    Why he dont upload his fut champs highlights

  74. Peachy Gaming
    Peachy Gaming
    преди месец

    Moments icon and future icon in a pack

  75. Perks Cdy
    Perks Cdy
    преди месец

    Just like the video it won’t do u harm

  76. 808lvqar
    преди месец

    great fodder

  77. Frizzy 8181
    Frizzy 8181
    преди месец

    I packed moments seedorf in a rare mega pack

  78. Dhruvit Patel
    Dhruvit Patel
    преди месец

    U have fucking tons of coins just buy wan bissaka from market mate

  79. I Harvxy I
    I Harvxy I
    преди месец

    I love seeing clark-harris in that team

  80. JulienTheKiller
    преди месец

    So I did the Chiesa SBC, and I packed ToTS Alaba from it! Finally a good pull!! :)

  81. thomas mccutcheon05
    thomas mccutcheon05
    преди месец

    Castro looks fit today

  82. sasda
    преди месец

    Guys like but the team gotta be about 2 mil

  83. Deathwish
    преди месец

    You just got 2 icons and a Messi in a pack............ don't forget that Ibra is the best icon

  84. BakedBobby Yh
    BakedBobby Yh
    преди месец

    Hate knowing who u packed before you packed them

    1. Lol Sure
      Lol Sure
      преди месец

      bcs its all rigged

  85. Ultra-Leader _YT
    Ultra-Leader _YT
    преди месец

    Petitie: voor castro in de bathtub

  86. Milan Pijnacker
    Milan Pijnacker
    преди месец

    Die Kale met een lekkere zus: Zwaar underrated

  87. Ryan M4
    Ryan M4
    преди месец

    You found and English Comment Bois, ur welcome

  88. qasem uzumaki
    qasem uzumaki
    преди месец

    Petition for castro to start releasing gameplay videos on youtube

  89. Ahmed Mahran
    Ahmed Mahran
    преди месец

    I was sure he’ll put that R9 clip in the video 😂😂

  90. ASweGamer 06
    ASweGamer 06
    преди месец

    I got mbappe in my first pack and eusebio in my second. This was in div 8 rewards so it was very bad packs. I packed it around christmas

  91. Viralz
    преди месец

    When’s it’s 6 am but you see Castro uploaded a video

  92. الــظـاهــره KSA
    الــظـاهــره KSA
    преди месец


  93. Avgoustinos Potamitis
    Avgoustinos Potamitis
    преди месец

    And zlatan*

  94. Oli Fedorowicz
    Oli Fedorowicz
    преди месец

    Die kale die alles met stroop eet: zwaar underrated

  95. Jaz Muziek
    Jaz Muziek
    преди месец

    Die gast met dat lekkere zusje: zwaar underrated

    1. L2DamianR2
      преди месец


  96. CLD Adam
    CLD Adam
    преди месец

    Hey guys the video starts at 0:00 btw

    1. Raghav Mishra
      Raghav Mishra
      преди месец

      No shit bruv

    2. Noahhh2005
      преди месец


  97. Chef Tui
    Chef Tui
    преди месец

    You packed Gignac and Ibrahimovic in the same pack. And some Messy guy who is good fodder

  98. FerreKehh
    преди месец

    That bald guy with 1 ball: underrated

  99. Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack
    преди месец

    That psg kit tho🤩

  100. Sharon Bell
    Sharon Bell
    преди месец

    Love your vids keep up the cracking game work