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  1. - Godzilla
    - Godzilla
    преди месец

    Lol I spent months and months getting swaps n I get prime moments Frank Rijkaard

  2. Gilles Willems
    Gilles Willems
    преди месец

    i got 93 henry is that a w or l

  3. Eder 226318
    Eder 226318
    преди месец


  4. Jordyn
    преди месец

    Explain how Cantona is in the Prem HOF

  5. Sebix JR
    Sebix JR
    преди месец

    Best moment on te lw

  6. fut jim
    fut jim
    преди месец

    What a intro that was?

  7. Sebastian Brown
    Sebastian Brown
    преди месец

    Yeahhhh course

  8. Callum Crabb
    Callum Crabb
    преди месец

    God Castro it’s only prime cruyff Haber was the one who packed moments 😂😂

  9. Adiyan Ahmed Chowdhury
    Adiyan Ahmed Chowdhury
    преди месец

    When u realise he didn’t put cruyff on the title to milk the views

    преди месец

    We are in august 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Danny Curtis
    Danny Curtis
    преди месец

    Got that joe dirt hair piece going on my guy lmao

  12. Paul mills Vapes
    Paul mills Vapes
    преди месец

    Got that tots arrons from 86++

  13. Stan Verkerk
    Stan Verkerk
    преди месец


  14. Palladium
    преди месец

    got moments best

  15. Aspasia Kl
    Aspasia Kl
    преди месец

    What fack

  16. Miki 6832
    Miki 6832
    преди месец

    To mógł byc Gullit na CF

  17. Yusuf Ebrahim
    Yusuf Ebrahim
    преди месец

    Write ابو نايف in youtube and see his last video

  18. sessoitaliano1998
    преди месец

    Where Is zanoxvii

  19. Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera
    преди месец

    In the llegends part were is van de sar

  20. Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh
    преди месец

    Hall of Fame 1. Henry 2. Kasper S 3. Roy Keane 4. John Terry 5. Rooney

  21. Kelvin Rafael
    Kelvin Rafael
    преди месец

    It’s a moments icon if it has that light black triangular piece on the right side of the head or behind

  22. makis kapa
    makis kapa
    преди месец

    Castro>all icons

  23. Lee Shields
    Lee Shields
    преди месец

    That "Sheesh" is genuinely really irritating

  24. kiki pastar
    kiki pastar
    преди месец

    They need to add in fifa22 new icons like gabriel batistuta,GK from brazil Tafarel 2 of man utd great players teddy sheringam and yap stam also french GK fabian barthez

  25. Kenneth Thomson
    Kenneth Thomson
    преди месец

    Jumping about like a mad man with the dog. 2 seconds later. I have no idea what sets off this arthritis...

  26. Erick Playz Games
    Erick Playz Games
    преди месец

    Castro is the best fifa player

  27. Westside0
    преди месец

    Wheres van Nistelrooy in that hall of fame damn

  28. Path Of Giggles
    Path Of Giggles
    преди месец

    Castro a Browns Fan?

  29. Niko Xtreme
    Niko Xtreme
    преди месец

    How to identify a moments icon can also be 3 lines on the top left and right of the card when it comes out

  30. ethan yeeett
    ethan yeeett
    преди месец

    And then nepenthez gets moments garrincha and is calm

  31. Josh Lindon
    Josh Lindon
    преди месец

    I got mid Zola how beautiful

  32. Si6trys Plays
    Si6trys Plays
    преди месец

    Castro can always supply with my nighttime content great work

  33. 3T_OG
    преди месец

    Imagine putting roy keane ahead of stevie G 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Svein-Erik pettersen
    Svein-Erik pettersen
    преди месец

    Castro Norway win 2 time over Brasil at that time cr9 playd

  35. An Octane
    An Octane
    преди месец


  36. Rijk de Wildt
    Rijk de Wildt
    преди месец

    Who is gonna tell Castro we are not in August

  37. ExtremeAraBros
    преди месец

    Castro: imagine someone getting moments R9 Me: packing moments R9

    1. Yusuf Ebrahim
      Yusuf Ebrahim
      преди месец

      Write ابو نايف in youtube and see his last video

  38. Lauri Lastikka
    Lauri Lastikka
    преди месец

    Just saw that aj3 packed moments ronaldo 😬

  39. jonatan teien
    jonatan teien
    преди месец

    Tony Adams

  40. Scoady_10
    преди месец

    I got dea gea and muller

  41. James Hand
    James Hand
    преди месец

    Castro is fat

  42. major Malarkey
    major Malarkey
    преди месец

    got moments cantonaa

  43. Teletubix _XD
    Teletubix _XD
    преди месец

    youtuber is big drop

  44. bolingoli
    преди месец

    i got mid wright💀💀💀

    1. pjmck7
      преди месец

      I got inzahgi💀💀💀

  45. Dylan King
    Dylan King
    преди месец

    Is 92 pim Owen okay?

  46. S 10
    S 10
    преди месец

    300k coins for sale £10...ps4 only..let me know if interested.

  47. Henry Dalton
    Henry Dalton
    преди месец

    He left beckham from prem hall of fame over vidic?

  48. Josip Topalusic
    Josip Topalusic
    преди месец

    "Ladies and Gentleman"

  49. Sofwan Napri
    Sofwan Napri
    преди месец

    Where can i vote that premier league hall of fame dude?

  50. aput co
    aput co
    преди месец

    italiani ?

  51. Christopher Parton
    Christopher Parton
    преди месец

    I never realised Castro had Tekkerz like that

  52. a7mr pro
    a7mr pro
    преди месец

    We the arabs taked the vacation and you not😂

  53. Banfi Gore
    Banfi Gore
    преди месец

    Hi twitch

  54. Глеб Курчевский
    Глеб Курчевский
    преди месец

    Привет от Кефира😂

    1. timur savelskis
      timur savelskis
      преди месец


  55. jordey wilson
    jordey wilson
    преди месец

    I got 94 cruijff😶

  56. Asmir Grozdanic
    Asmir Grozdanic
    преди месец

    I wouldn't want castro near my dog you dirty dog ;)

  57. Swagadon
    преди месец

    I got moments dinho! So gassed!

    1. Swagadon
      преди месец

      Sorry castro you really fell for that, it's a attacker pack!!!

  58. HxvocRaZ
    преди месец

    Put my whole club into it and got drogba

  59. felix Hannyngton
    felix Hannyngton
    преди месец

    terrible hall of fame picks. Drogba Goals= Yakubu Goals. Roy Keane, good at shouting that is all. Viera is so so so much better. the others fair enough.

  60. MC_Games
    преди месец

    Of the attacker pack

  61. MC_Games
    преди месец


  62. MC_Games
    преди месец

    I got base litamen

  63. Bjurn
    преди месец

    opkomende stroopman: underrated

    1. cyro stam
      cyro stam
      преди месец


  64. Pawlir
    преди месец

    so I got moments R9

  65. davidfut05
    преди месец

    Cruyff was my pack‼️‼️

    1. Finn Markham
      Finn Markham
      преди месец


  66. Gilardinho gomiz
    Gilardinho gomiz
    преди месец

    My first TOTS is the objective one✌️

  67. Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen
    преди месец

    I was there for the prime cruyff

  68. ScoobySnacks 1909
    ScoobySnacks 1909
    преди месец

    I packes valverde Tots

  69. Castro1021 clips
    Castro1021 clips
    преди месец

    Real ones saw it live

  70. Belgicano
    преди месец

    Die kale met één teelbal die stroop eet: underrated

    1. Mart Bredewold
      Mart Bredewold
      преди месец


    2. cyro stam
      cyro stam
      преди месец


  71. Mert S.
    Mert S.
    преди месец


  72. Jude Bailey
    Jude Bailey
    преди месец

    Didn’t even choose vieria 🤦🏻‍♂️

  73. Sam Rowland
    Sam Rowland
    преди месец

    When you collabing with Danny Aarons??

  74. Daniel Sharpe
    Daniel Sharpe
    преди месец

    Makes me sick how u say people’s names talk normally u fool

  75. Fabricio Lopez
    Fabricio Lopez
    преди месец

    I got moments owen and I put prime Owen in it lol still a W

  76. GörgerBurger
    преди месец

    Castro: "What is VW mean?" Me an intellectual: Volkswagen :|

  77. Alberto Nava
    Alberto Nava
    преди месец

    Didn’t he cut his hair

  78. Waqar Ali
    Waqar Ali
    преди месец

    Castro the beast

  79. Jamie
    преди месец

    11 minute video and I had 4 fucking ads, wow sellout fraud Kappa

  80. Caleb Hogue
    Caleb Hogue
    преди месец

    Lol bruh I was finna buy the exact same hoodie from Kohls but now you got it now I don't want it

    1. Caleb Hogue
      Caleb Hogue
      преди месец

      @Castro1021 lol they have a green and black one with the same design then people don't mistake us for a couple 🤣

    2. Castro1021
      преди месец

      nah bro we can match together...

  81. Ahmed Al jahwari
    Ahmed Al jahwari
    преди месец

    da king

  82. Lucy Dachschund
    Lucy Dachschund
    преди месец

    I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I GOT PRIME MOMENTS PELE IM SHAKINGGGGG (if u dont believe me look at my yt u wankers)

    1. Lucy Dachschund
      Lucy Dachschund
      преди месец

      @chi ken yeah but i done 14 prime icon packs in total i never showed u the larrson suker yashin puyol hierro inzaghi i just show u the good ones

    2. chi ken
      chi ken
      преди месец

      My bad man im gonna be honest i thought it was cap because of how greedy ea is

    3. Lucy Dachschund
      Lucy Dachschund
      преди месец

      @chi ken check my yt

    4. Lucy Dachschund
      Lucy Dachschund
      преди месец

      @Swagadon check my yt

    5. Lucy Dachschund
      Lucy Dachschund
      преди месец

      @Brandon Allan check my yt

  83. Ryan Coolahan
    Ryan Coolahan
    преди месец

    Anyone gonna talk about how the title said 20 and he did like 9

    1. Brandonp123 ⚡️
      Brandonp123 ⚡️
      преди месец

      @Sean Crawford Yh 😂😂

    2. Sean Crawford
      Sean Crawford
      преди месец

      Bruh he changed the title 🤣🤣

    3. Ryan Coolahan
      Ryan Coolahan
      преди месец

      @Yassine_ Fifa09 He changed it when he posted it said it was 20

    4. Yassine_ Fifa09
      Yassine_ Fifa09
      преди месец

      it says 10 its only 1 less

    5. Brandonp123 ⚡️
      Brandonp123 ⚡️
      преди месец

      Ik 😂

  84. Dom perignon
    Dom perignon
    преди месец

    he bro, you want video that you discard my 15 mil team? with toty cr7. this game makes me so sick

  85. Dino God
    Dino God
    преди месец

    Thanks for the video

  86. Emre Ilhan
    Emre Ilhan
    преди месец

    i got 99pele

  87. Renaat Corthouts
    Renaat Corthouts
    преди месец

    Castro math: 20 = 9

  88. Ak 1
    Ak 1
    преди месец

    Really annoys me how these youtubers know nothing about football. Not picking scholes or Cole is just a joke.

  89. Ryder Gatenby
    Ryder Gatenby
    преди месец

    Should I do the icon attacker I have pretty much enough untradeable fodder to do it and I know it’s risky

    1. Dimdoes
      преди месец

      @Ryder Gatenby do it nothing to lose since they’re untradeable

    2. Ryder Gatenby
      Ryder Gatenby
      преди месец

      @Jordan why not

    3. Jordan
      преди месец


  90. Gustav Johansson
    Gustav Johansson
    преди месец

    Castro livin in august already

  91. gozdni tek
    gozdni tek
    преди месец

    He cant driblle his dog😂😂😂

    1. gozdni tek
      gozdni tek
      преди месец

      @Freddie Mitchell faxxx

    2. Freddie Mitchell
      Freddie Mitchell
      преди месец

      you can’t spell😂

  92. Žigi Črešja
    Žigi Črešja
    преди месец

    Watched live m8

  93. Ryan Meyo
    Ryan Meyo
    преди месец

    Bruh he said we’re in August😂😂

  94. Vatsalplays
    преди месец

    Bro! That was not even 20packs🤣🤣🤣

  95. Jo Scampi
    Jo Scampi
    преди месец

    Cute Dog Castro!

  96. Josh Barrett
    Josh Barrett
    преди месец

    No one gonna bring up the fact it says 20x Attacker icon Packs and there’s only 9 or so in the video.... Scamstro

    1. Camilo Van weerlee
      Camilo Van weerlee
      преди месец

      @Castro1021 scamstro

    2. Castro1021
      преди месец

      someone is getting SACKED today.

  97. First channel
    First channel
    преди месец

    Shouldn't they all be in the hall of fame.

  98. NFQ9 9QFN
    NFQ9 9QFN
    преди месец

    Hey I got moments crespo is it good?

    1. lampros georgoulakis
      lampros georgoulakis
      преди месец

      He is insane

    2. mDeg 999
      mDeg 999
      преди месец

      I used him last year and he’s insane. I’d say that’s a dub

  99. Cahn Chan
    Cahn Chan
    преди месец


  100. Olex.P
    преди месец

    god this dude cring asF